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Charles Wallworth ( 1776 - 1866 )


47.          CHARLES WALLWORTH (of Joseph7 , of Thomas6 , of Thomas5 , of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 )  was born in Dutton, Great Budworth parish, Cheshire, England and was christened October 19, 1776 at Great Budworth Church.


Father:     Joseph Wallworth (No.33)

Mother:     Alice Barker


Elizabeth Wallworth ( 1775 - 1845 )


54.         ELIZABETH WALLWORTH (of John7 , of Thomas6 , of Thomas5 , of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 ) was born ca. 1775 probably in Haslington, Cheshire.


Father:     John Wallworth (No.34)

Mother:     Ellen Stilfox


Charles Wallworth was living in Dutton in 1800 and 1801 at the time when his brother and sisters, James, Elizabeth, and Mary Wallworth, were married.

He was present when the marriage licences were issued for James Wallworth and Jane Guest July 5, 1800, Elizabeth Wallworth and Henry Mayer February 24, 1801, and Mary Wallworth and William Smith June 11, 1801.  Charles Wallworth’s signature is on each of the marriage licences.

Charles Wallworth married ELIZABETH WALLWORTH on February 12, 1803 at Barthomley church, Cheshire.  Elizabeth was born ca. 1775 and was a daughter of John and Ellen (Stilfox) Wallworth.  Charles and Elizabeth were cousins.

The marriage entry in the Barthomley parish register mentions Charles Wallworth farmer of Dutton in Great Budworth parish & Elizabeth Wallworth of Haslington spinster marriage by licence.

From the period of 1804 to 1810, the children of Charles and Elizabeth Wallworth were christened at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.

Charles Wallworth was one of the witnesses to his Uncle William Wallworth’s Will.   William of Barthomley, Cheshire had his Will signed on April 30, 1816.   Charles’ signature is on the document.

Charles was mentioned in his father’s, Joseph Wallworth, Will.  Charles and his brother, James, were appointed executors of the Will dated December 21, 1816 and proved August 6, 1819.  Charles was described as of Hassall which is in Sandbach parish, Cheshire.

Charles and his brother, James Wallworth, were appointed executors in the Will of their brother-in-law, Henry Mayer. Henry signed his will on December 28, 1816.  The Will was issued probate on February 26, 1824. Henry Mayer had this Will made shortly after his second marriage.

Charles and his brother James with their nephew, Joseph Mayer, a minor, joint executor, were to hold and run the estate until the oldest of Henry Mayer’s youngest child reaches the age of 21 years and then the estate will be divided among Henry’s children.

Elizabeth Wallworth’s father, John Wallworth, died in Haslington, Cheshire on December 28, 1820.  According to his Will, the father left some to Elizabeth and her two sisters and some to Charles Wallworth.

Charles Wallworth was one of the executors of his Uncle’s Will.  The Will was signed by John Wallworth on June 10, 1820 and probate issued February 28, 1821.

From the 1841 Census of Appleton, Cheshire, we find:

At Bell Fields Farm

Charles Wallworth   60 M   Farmer     Y
  Do         60 F                   Y
         Do         35 M Farmer      Y
        Do         35 F                    Y
          Do         25 F                   Y
  Do           2 F                   Y
     Do          1 M                   Y
Sarah Swamlow
     60 F                    Y
Fanny Dodd
           30 F   F. S.         Y
Martha Mills
           25 F   F. S.         Y
John Yarwood
        20 M   M. S.        Y
Mary Thornton
       15 F    F. S.         Y
Edward Massey
     15 M   M. S.        Y
William Pick
          13 M   M. S.        Y


Elizabeth Wallworth, the wife of Charles, died in December 1845.

From the 1861 Census of Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire, we find:

At 147 Higher Cambridge St.

Charles Wallworth   [Head] Widowr   84 M      Cheshire
                     Daur       Un      50   F            "          Deaf & Dumb


Charles Wallworth died on April 1, 1866 at the age of 89 years at 147 Higher Cambridge Street, Chorlton upon Medlock.  The death certificate list the cause of death as "Senectus" (old age).  The informant was A. Wallworth who was present at the death.  Charles Wallworth was listed as "Formerly a Farmer".

From the burial ground at St. Mary the Virgin, Weaverham, there are the following inscriptions on the stone:

Sacred to the memory of Charles Wallworth of Manchester late of Appleton who died April 1, 1860 aged 89 years

Also Elizabeth Wallworth wife of the above who died December 1845 aged 70 years

Also Mary daughter of the above Charles and Elizabeth Wallworth who died August 24 1830 aged 47 years

Also Alice who died January 18 1881

For Charles Wallworth, don’t know if the error "1860" (when it should be "1866") is in the index or on the gravestone.  Same for Mary the daughter, the "1830" is an error and again I don’t know if the error is on the index or the gravestone.





81.   +     JOHN WALLWORTH  was christened on May 6, 1804 at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.  John married Ann Starkey.

82.          MARY WALLWORTH   was christened on June 23, 1805 at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.

In 1841, Mary Wallworth, age 35, was living with her parents, Charles and Elizabeth Wallworth, in Appleton, Cheshire.

Mary probably died ca. 1852.  She died at the age of 47 years and is buried at St. Mary the Virgin cemetery in Weaverham.  On the gravestone it says she died in "1830" but that is an error.  See above for the gravestone inscription.


83.          THOMAS WALLWORTH   was christened in 1806 at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.

84.          ELLEN WALLWORTH   was christened on May 8, 1808 at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.

85.          JOSEPH WALLWORTH   was christened on July 2, 1809 at Christchurch, Alsager, Cheshire.

86.          ALICE WALLWORTH was christened on September 30, 1810 at Christchurch, Alsager.  Alice never married.

In 1861, Alice, age 50, was living with her father, Charles Wallworth, at 147 Higher Cambridge Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancashire.

In 1871, Alice Wallworth, age 60, an Annuitant, was living with Ann Wallworth and her family at 9 Campbell Grove, Chorlton upon Medlock.  Ann was the widow of Alice’s brother John Wallworth.

According to the 1861 and 1871 censuses, Alice Wallworth was listed as Deaf & Dumb.

Alice Wallworth died on January 11, 1881 at the age of 70 years.  She is buried at St. Mary the Virgin cemetery in Weaverham.  See above for the gravestone inscription.




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