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Donald Parker Wallworth ( 1929 - 2006 )


.          DONALD PARKER WALLWORTH (of Alfred11 , of Walter10 , of John9 , of James8 , of Joseph7 , of Thomas6 , of Thomas5 , of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 ).


Father:     Alfred Herbert Wallworth  (No.   )

Mother:    Mildred Jane Nairn


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The above is a Photograph of Don Wallworth with his friends when they visited Coney Island, New York (and an enlargement of Don himself).  This photograph was taken after he got out of the service with the CIA and came back to the United States.   Picture taken perhaps 1953-1955.




The following is a copy of the obituary that we made for him.  A full history of him and his wife will be made later.



Donald Wallworth

Renown Train & Railroad Artist of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey
Died August 5, 2006 Saturday

Donald Parker Wallworth was born 1929 in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  He grew up in several locations in northern New Jersey and graduated from Ramsey High School.

During the Korean War, while in the U.S. Army being trained for combat duty, Don was reassigned to the new Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Don served a few years in the CIA complex in Griesheim near CIA Headquarters in Frankfurt, West Germany.   This was at the height of the Cold War against the Soviet Union and East Germany.

Before the war, Don started his long career with the railroads at the Eire Railroad in 1949 as a clerk.  After his military service, he returned to work for the railroads.

In 1960 the Eire Railroad merged with the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad forming Erie-Lackawanna Railroad.  In 1976, the Eire-Lackawanna Railroad became part of a government conglomerate of railroads known as The Consolidated Railroad Corporation (Conrail).

During all these changes, Don Wallworth moved up the ranks and by 1983 he became the Superintendent of Stations.  He was responsible for all the train stations in the northern half of New Jersey.  Don retired in 1990.

Don has been interested in Trains and Art all his life.  He was a very talented artist who likes accuracy and detail in his paintings.  Although he paints scenes of different subjects, he mostly like making railroad paintings.  His art works have been displayed in many Railroad or Historical magazines in the last 40 years.

He took thousands of photographs and slides of trains and locomotives from the 1940s to the 1990s and he took many trips to the southwest of the United States and across the border to Mexico since he likes the locomotive and trains of Mexico too.

Don Wallworth died on Saturday, August 5, 2006 and is survived by Norma (Tully) Wallworth, his wife of 46 years, a brother Robert Wallworth and two nephews William and Dave in San Jose, CA.


His wife Norma Wallworth then died 2 weeks later on August 25, 2006.




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