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James Wallworth ( 1780 - 1869 )


49.          JAMES WALLWORTH (of Joseph7 , of Thomas6 , of Thomas5 , of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 )  was born March 1, 1780 in Dutton, Great Budworth parish, Cheshire, England and was christened March 28, 1780 at Great Budworth church.


Father:     Joseph Wallworth (No.33)

Mother:     Alice Barker


The following notation is from the Wallworth family bible "James Wallworth was born in the township of Dutton, a son of Joseph and Alice Wallworth, at the parish of Great Budworth in the county of Cheshire on March 1st, 1780".

James Wallworth married JANE GUEST at Great Budworth church on July 7, 1800.   Jane was a daughter of James Guest and Ann Pickering and was christened on August 31, 1775 at Great Budworth church.

From the marriage licence dated July 5, 1800 we find the following informations:

"James Wallworth of Dutton in the County of Chester Farmer and Charles Wallworth of Dutton in the said County of Chester Farmer".  Charles was James’ brother and he was present when the marriage licence was issued.  James was twenty and a Bachelor.

"Jane Guest of Little Leigh within the Parish of Great Budworth .... aged twenty four ..... spinster"

"by & with the Consent of his natural & lawful Father Joseph Wallworth"

"James Wallworth Charles Wallworth & William Winn were sworn before me"

"William Winn of Northwich within the Parochial Chapelry of Witton & County & Diocese of Chester ...... alledged & made oath as follows that Joseph Wallworth of Dutton aforesaid the natural & lawful Father of James Wallworth now intending to marry Jane Guest of Little Leigh aforesaid is consenting to the above said intended marriage".

William Winn was married to James Wallworth’s sister Martha.  The marriage licence has the signatures of James and Charles Wallworth and William Winn.

From the marriage entry of July 7, 1800 in the Great Budworth parish register, it shows that both have signed and that the witnesses were Chs Wallworth and Betty Pickering.

At the time of his marriage in 1800, James Wallworth was a farmer in Dutton. His father-in-law, James Guest, was a tanner living in Little Leigh.  James Wallworth became a tanner and learned the trade from his father-in-law when they were living in Little Leigh.

From a letter from Miss Ethel B. Simpson "James Wallworth was a Master Tanner in Great Budworth".  Family Information handed down the family.

James and Jane Wallworth were living in Little Leigh, Great Budworth parish in 1807 at the time of the birth of their son James.

In 1809, James and Jane were in Manchester, Lancashire at the time of the birth of their son John Wallworth.

In a directory of 1811, is the following for Manchester
Wallworth James, tanner, 9 Lloyd street

In 1812 to 1814, they were living in Heaton Norris and Heaton Mersey near Manchester.   Both places are near Didsbury where the sons Joseph and Thomas were christened.

On December 28, 1816, Henry Mayer of Adswood in Cheadle parish, Cheshire signed his Will and he appointed his brothers-in-law, Charles and James Wallworth as executors.   In the Will, James Wallworth was described as a Tanner in Heaton Norris, Lancashire.

James and his brother Charles with their nephew, Joseph Mayer, a minor, joint executor, were to hold and run the estate until the oldest of Henry Mayer’s youngest child reaches the age of 21 years and then the estate will be divided among Henry’s children.

In the 1820’s, while in Manchester, James Wallworth changed his profession, he left the Tanner business and went into the Flour and Bakery business.  As time went on, the business grew and eventually his sons, James, John, Joseph, and Thomas, got involved too and by the 1830’s they had several shops .

In a directory of 1830, is the following for Manchester:
Wallworth James, baker etc., 230 Deansgate

In a directory of 1836, is the followings for Manchester:
Wallworth James baker and flour dealer 190 Great Ancoats street
Wallworth James & Sons, baker and flour dealers 100 Gt. Ancoats st.

From notes written by Alfred H. Wallworth "... Wallworth ..... formed the biggest bakery business".  Family information handed down the family.

Jane Wallworth died between 1814 and 1851.  1814 was the baptism of James and Jane’s youngest son and 1851 is from the census were James is listed as a widower.

From the 1851 census of Hulme, Lancashire, we find:

Thos. Wallworth   Head Mar    37  M  Shopman to a Provision Dealer   Lancashire Heaton Norris
Ellen         Do       Wife  Mar    31  F                                                          "          Manchester
Jas.          Do       Son   Un      9    M       Scholar                                       "              "
Mary Jane Do      Daur             6   F             "                                             "          Salford
Ann          Do       Daur             4   F         At home                                      "          Hulme
Jas.          Do       Father Widr 71  M        out of Business                         " Dutton P. of G. Budworth
Catherine Cook    Sert  Un      25  F        General servant                            "           Tydsley
Alice Bailey         Serv  Un       16  F              "         "                                  "           Hulme

James Wallworth age 71 is a widower and retired.  He is living with his youngest son, Thomas Wallworth and his family.

The following notation is from the Wallworth family bible "James Wallworth’s book, March 4th, 1864.  At my Decease I give the said Book to my son John Wallworth"

In the late 1860’s James Wallworth was living with his oldest son, James, and his family at 8 Hulton Street, Moss Side, Lancashire.

James Wallworth died on December 8, 1869 at the age of 89 years at 8 Hulton Street, Moss Side.  The death certificate list the cause of death as Old Age.  The informant was Emily Wallworth of the same address.  James Wallworth was listed as "Tanner, Master".

Emily Wallworth was the second wife his son James.

The following notation is from the Wallworth family bible "James Wallworth died at Manchester December 8th, 1869 Aged 89 years and nine months".





87.  +       JAMES WALLWORTH was born in 1807 at Little Leigh, Great Budworth parish, Cheshire.  James married 1st. to Elizabeth -----?-----. James married 2nd. to Emily --?--

88.  +       JOHN WALLWORTH  was born November 7, 1809 in Manchester, Lancashire and was christened December 31, 1809 at St. Peters in Manchester.  John married Mary Ann Lovitt.

89.  +       JOSEPH WALLWORTH  was christened December 13, 1812 at Didsbury, St. James, Lancashire.  Joseph married Ann Jackson.

90.  +      THOMAS WALLWORTH was christened January 30, 1814 at Didsbury, St. James, Lancashire.  Thomas married Ellen ----?---.




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