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Joseph Wallworth ( 1715 - 1740 )



32.          JOSEPH WALLWORTH  (of Thomas5 ,of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 )  was born in Norley, Frodsham Parish, Cheshire, England in 1715 and was christened October 20,1718 in St. Lawrence church, Frodsham the same day as his brother Thomas was christened.  Joseph was about 3 years of age when christened.


Father:           Thomas Wallworth   (No.22)

Mother:           Martha    --- ? ---


Joseph came to Cuddington in Weaverham parish, Cheshire when his parents moved there before or in 1723.

Joseph Wallworth married ESTHER RATHBONE on  October 8, 1738 in St. Mary church, Weaverham.

Esther was born in the village of Weaverham and was christened October 31, 1719 in St. Mary church, Weaverham and was a daughter of Thomas Rathbone and Esther Darlington.

In the Parish register of St. Michael’s church of Chester, Cheshire there is for the year 1716 a marriage entry “Sept: 29. Tho: Rathbone smith & Esther Darlington spinstr of Weverham parish, by a license dated ye sixth day of July”.

Esther’s father, Thomas Rathbone, was an ironmonger (1716) and a blacksmith (1723).

Joseph Wallworth died in Cuddington and was buried in October 14, 1740 at St. Mary church, Weaverham.

Since the son, John, was described as “of Weaverham” when he was buried in 1746, it is likely that the widow, Esther Wallworth, with her two sons lived with her father, Thomas Rathbone, in Weaverham village.





51.          JOHN WALLWORTH   was born in Crowton, Weaverham Parish and was christened on July 22, 1739 in St. Mary church, Weaverham.

After the early death of his father, John lived in Weaverham village with his mother and his grandfather Thomas Rathbone.  John Wallworth died in Weaverham village and was buried September 15, 1746 at St. Mary church, Weaverham.


52.          JOSEPH WALLWORTH   was born in Cuddington and was christened January 10, 1740/1741 in St. Mary church, Weaverham.




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