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Stephen A. Utter ( 1844 - ? )


1.        STEPHEN A. UTTER was born ca. 1844 in New York.  The 1844 birth date is base on the age of 26 in the 1870 Census.  Also known as Steve Utter.

He was one of the historical people that was involved with Deadwood, North Dakota.


Father:     John Utter

Mother:    Mary Haines


The names of the parents was given as Jose Utter and Maria Haines in the marriage entry of S. A. Utter and Manuela Melon in the IGI of New Mexico.

His relationship to Charles H. Utter is not clear at the moment.  Some say that "Charley Utter" was his brother, another says perhaps a cousin.


From the 1850 Census of Owasco, Cayuga, New York, we find the following:

Lines 16-19, 183/176

John M. Haines   59  M  Carpenter   1100      NY
Charity      "        56   F                                  "
Mary E.    "         20   F                                  "
Stephen Utter       6  M                                 " (Attended School within the year)

On the same page, Lines 35-40, 187/200

Stephen Haines  45  M Carpenter                  NY
Sarah        "        42  F                                   "
Austin       "       17   M                                  "
Corydon   "         21  M                                  "
Lyman     "         13   M                                  "
Nancy     "           12  F                                  " (Attended School within the year)

We see that Stephen Utter is living with John M. and Charity Haines, they could be Stephen's grandparents.  I list the family of Stephen Haines which was lissted on the same page on the census.  But it shows that the name Stephen is used in the Haines family.

It is not known where the parents of Stephen Utter is at that time.  They may be living elsewhere or that they have since died and Stephen is raised by the grandparents.


Stephen Utter married ALMA --- ? --- by 1867 or 1868 in New York.

By 1869 they were living in Colorado.


From the 1870 Census of Georgetown, Clear Creek, Colorado Territory,  Enumerated 5th day of Sept 1870, we find Stephen and Charles Utter's families on the same page:

Lines 4-8,  83/74

Utter Stephen     26  M  W    Mule Packer  1000 / -      New York
         Alma         24   F  W   Keeping House                 New York
         Agnes         2   F  W                                          New York
         Harriel*        1   F  W                                          Colorado

* probably because the enumerator was lazy he didn't "dash the t" the name "Harriel" is probably actually "Harriet".

Lines 24-25, 89/79

Utter  Charles    32  M  W   Livery                  7000/7000    New York
          Matilda   19  F    W  Keeping House                       Wisconsin

                                          (Matilda's Father of foreign birth and Mother of foreign birth)


Stephen A. Utter married Manuela Melon on

(To be continued)



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