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Nathan S. Anderson  (ca. 1855 - 1928)



~ ca. 1855

Clay county, Kentucky

Nathan S. Anderson was born ca. 1855 in Clay county, Kentucky.

Father:     William H. Anderson

Mother:     Sarah M. Ponder

Both his father and mother, William and Sarah Anderson, were born in North Carolina and came to Clay county, Kentucky.


~ More about the parents

The father, William H. Anderson's parents were Joseph Anderson and Mary McElroy.


From a page on Rootsweb:

Joseph Anderson was born about 1800 in North Carolina. He died on 8 Sep 1856 in Clay County, Kentucky.

Mary McElroy (daughter of John Wesley McElroy Sr. and Elizabeth Jamison) was born on 20 Jan 1803 in North Carolina.

William H. Anderson, born on 31 Aug 1834, North Carolina…..  died on 15 Jan 1880, Clay County, Kentucky.


From the information from a page on Joseph Ponder on and Kentucky probate records:

The mother, Sarah M. Ponder, was born ca. 1830 in North Carolina and she was a daughter of Joseph and Catherine (Holcombe) Ponder.  She was married first to Nathan S. Holcombe.

Nathan S. Holcombe died before 24 January 1852 which was the date the Inventory and Appraisal of his estate was taken and signed.


William H. Anderson and Sarah Holcomb were married 20 January 1854 in Clay county, Kentucky.

From the marriage index of Clay county, Kentucky:

Name:            ……………………..……. W.H. Huderson
Birth Date: …………………….. 1834
Birthplace: …………………….. Yancy, N.C.
Age: ………………………………. 20
Spouse's Name: ……………… Sarah Holcomb
Spouse's Birthplace:            ………... Clay Co., Ky
Event Date: ……………..……… 20 Jan 1854
Event Place: ……………..…….. Clay, Kentucky
Marital Status: ……………..…. Single
Spouse's Marital Status: …… Widowed


~ 1860

In 1860, Nathan S. Anderson, age 5, was living with his parents, Wm and Sarah Anderson, in Clay county, Kentucky.  His father was a farmer.

From the census of Clay county:

Page 18, Enumerated on 4th of June 1860, Lines 29 - 35.

Dwelling / Families / Name / Age / Sex / Color / Profession / Value or Real Estate / Value of Personal Estate / Birthplace / Married within the year / Attended School within the year / Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read & write /

116 / 116

Wm H Anderson…………. 25 M….. Farmer…………….. / --- / 200 …….. N C
Sarah M…. "……………….. 28 F………………………………………………………. ".. "…. /--- / --- / X
Nathan S.. "………………….. 5 M……………………………………………………… Clay Co Ky
Nancy E… "………………….. 4 F…………………………………………………………. "…….. "
Joseph….. "………………….. 3 M………………………………………………………… "……… "
Henry S… "…………………… 2 M……………………………………………………….. "……… "
Jacob E…. "……………….. 9/12 M……………………………………………………… "……… "


~ 1870

In 1870, Nathaniel Anderson, age 15, was living with his father and probably step-mother, William and Nancy Anderson in Clay county, Kentucky.

Nathaniel and his father works on a farm.

From the census of Clay county:

Pages 20 & 21, Enumerated 13 day of July, 1870, lines 32-40 and 1-2.

Dwelling / Families / Name / Age / Sex / Color / Profession / Value or Real Estate / Value of Personal Estate / Birthplace


Anderson William…… 35 M… W…….. works on farm.. / --- / 150 /…. North carolina
--------- Nancy………… 28 F…. W……. house keeper……………………….. Indiana
-------- Nathaniel…….. 15 M… W……. works on farm……………………… Kentucky
-------- Nancy………….. 14 F… W…….. at home…………………………………….. "
-------- Joseph…………. 13 M.. W…….. works on farm…………………………… "
-------- Henry P………… 12 M.. W ..…. works on farm…………………………… "
-------- Jacob E…………. 11 M.. W……. works on farm…………………………… "
-------- Jasper W………… 9 M.. W………………………….…………………………… "
-------- Tabitha………….. 8 F… F………………………………………………………… "
-------- Thomas………….. 2 M.. W………………………………………………… Kentucky
-------- Catharine……….. 9/12 F… W………………………………………………….."…… born month Sept


~ 1880

Mill Creek, Arkansas

In 1880, Nathan Anderson, age 25, was a boarder at the home of Mason and Polly Holcom in Mill Creek, Franklin county, Arkansas.  Nathan was a farm laborer.

Mason Holcom is probably a cousin from the family of Nathan Anderson's grandmother, Catherine Holcombe.

From the 1880 census of Mill Creek:

Name / Race / Sex / Age / Relationship /Marital Status / Occupation /Place of Birth / Father's Place of Birth / Mother's Place of Birth /

375/377  Enumerated…. On the 1st July 1880

Holcom Mason / W / M / 29 / (Head) /Married / Farmer / Kentucky / ------ / ----- /

Holcom Polly / W / F / 23 / Wife / Married / Keeping house / Kentucky / ----- / -----

--------- Charles / W / M / 5 / Son / Single / -------------------------- / Arkansas / Ky / Ky

--------- Louiza / W / F / 2 / Daughter / Single / --------------------- / Arkansas / Ky / Ky

--------- Sarah / W / F / 5/12  Jan / Daughter / Single / ------------ / Arkansas / Ky / Ky

Anderson Nathan / W / M / 25 / Boarder / Single / Farm laborer / Kentucky / Ky / Ky


~ 1882

Nathan S. Anderson married Mary Elizabeth Ellen Alexander on 19 March 1882 in Boone county, Arkansas.

From the Arkansas Marriages 1837-1944 index:

Name:            ……………………… N. S. Anderson
Birth Date: ……………….. 1855
Age: …………………………. 27
Spouse's Name: ………… Mary E. E. Alexander
Spouse's Birth Date:           …. 1864
Spouse's Age:……………. 18
Event Date: ……………… 19 Mar 1882
Event Place: …………….. Boone, Arkansas


Mary E. E. Alexander was a daughter of Rev. James Harvey Alexander with his first wife (name unknown).


~ 1883

Harrison, Arkansas

Nathan and Mary Anderson's son, Hilbart Alexander Anderson was born 14 April 1883 in Harrison, Boone county, Arkansas.


~ ca 1883 to 1884

Nathan S. Anderson was probably accepted and initiated in the Masonic lodge in Harrison, Arkansas.  He met Dr. Leonidas Kirby who was the doctor in Harrison and one of the officers at the Masonic lodge.


From the book, Historical Review of Arkansas: Its Commerce, Industry and Modern Affairs, Volume 3, by Fay Hempstead, 1911:

Page 1600

"Dr. Kirby, even were it not for his professional attainments, would be known over a large area, for he is one of the most prominent of Arkansas Masons. He has numerous honors, having been Deputy Grand Commander of the state of Arkansas, 1896-1897, and is past high priest, past master, and past thrice I master. He has large property interests in Harrison, and as a builder has aided in the substantial improvement and development of the city. The doctor is strictly temperate, is classed as an independent Republican, and is a member of the Christian church."


From the newspaper, Harrison Daily Times, Tuesday, 16 October 1973:

"Boone Lodge No. 314 Free and Accepted Masons was organized under dispensation about the fall of 1872. On October 14, 1873, the Most Worshipful Grafd Lodge of Arkansas granted a Charter to Boone Lodge 314 to hold a lodge in Harrison, Arkansas"

"The records of our lodge were destroyed a first time by fire in 1882 and then a second time in 1898. This coupled with a fire at the Arkansas Grand Lodge in 1919 has eradicated detailed data of Boone Lodge prior to that time.  What we do know about the early history is largely due to an astute leader of men and Masons, Leonidus Kirby, a Grand Master and member of our lodge, who penned an account as best he could in 1913."


From the book, Centennial History of Arkansas, Volume 3, by Dallas Tabor Herndon:

Page 485

 (about Dr. Leonidas Kirby)

"Fraternally he is well known as a York Rite Mason and member of the Mystic Shrine, has served as master of Boone Lodge, No. 314; as high priest of Harrison Chapter, No. 85; as eminent commander of St. Aldemar Commandery, No. 10; thrice imperial master of Haggai Council, No. 41; as deputy grand commander of the state; and grand master of F. & A. M., 1921 and 1922. In professional, fraternal and social circles his reputation is an enviable one, for his life has been actuated by high principles in every relation."


~ 1884

Nathan and Mary had a son, Leonidas Kirby Anderson, born 19 August 1884 in Arkansas.

He was named after the Dr. Leonidas Kirby, who was the family doctor, the Masonic associate and a family friend.


~ c. 1884-1886

The Anderson family moved from Arkansas to Texas.


~ 1900

Ellis county, Texas

In 1900, Nathan S. Anderson, age 45, a widower, was living in Ellis County, Texas.  He was a farmer.

From the census of Ellis County:

Lines 2 to 10 -- Enumerated on 18. Day of June, 1900

Name / Relation / Color of Race / Sex / Date of Birth. Month / Year / Age / Marital Status / Place of Birth / Father's Place of Birth / Mother's Place of Birth / Occupation /

--- / 190 / 191

Anderson, Nathan S. / Head / W / M / Jan / 1855 / 45 / Wd / Kentucky / Kentucky / Kentucky / Farmer
----------- Alexander / Son / W / M / Apr / 1883 / 17 / S / Arkansas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- Leonidus / Son / W / M / Aug / 1884 / 15 / S / Arkansas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- Maud / Daughter / W / F / July / 1886 / 13 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- William S. / Son / W / M / Mch / 1888 / 12 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- Harvey H / Son / W / M / Feb / 1890 / 10 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- Jasper S / Son / W / M / Oct / 1891 / 8 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / At school
----------- Nathan S. / Son / W / M / Feb / 1893 / 7 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / -------
----------- Mary E. / Daughter / W / F / Jan / 1895 / 5 / S / Texas / Kentucky / Tennessee / --------


~ July 16th and October 15th, 1901

Kerens, Texas

Nathan S. Anderson of Kerens, Navarro county, Texas filed an invention on 16 July 1901 with the U.S. Patent Office, and it was granted a patent number 15 October 1901.

It was for a Hub Attaching Device.

From Google Patents:




- SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 684,664, dated October 15, 1901.

Application filed July 16, 1901.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, NATHAN S. ANDERSON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Kerens, in the county of Navarro and State of Texas, have invented a certain new and useful Hub-Attaching Device, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to hub-attaching de vices, the object in View being to provide a simple, cheap, and reliable retaining device for holding vehicle-wheel hubs in place upon their axles or spindles, doing away with the usual threaded nut and entirely overcoming the liability of such nut or retaining device working loose.

The primary object of the invention is to do away with screw-threads and at the same time produce a retaining device which is capable of being easily and quickly applied to an axle-spindle and as easily removed whenever it becomes necessary to detach a wheel.

Another object of the invention is to overcome any liability of the retaining device becoming dislodged by accident or in ordinary handling.

With the above and other objects in view, the nature of which will appear more fully as the description proceeds, the invention consists in the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter fully described, illustrated, and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through a wheel-hub, showing the same mounted upon a spindle and held in place by means of the hub-attaching device forming the subject-matter of this invention. Fig. 2 is a view in elevation of the hub-attaching device, illustrating the elliptical or flattened shape of the springring. Fig. 3 is a perspective View of the same. Fig. 4. is a detail perspective view of the lower segment of the device, showing the spring-ring thrown downward. Fig. 5 is a plan view of the Wrench or spanner for placing and displacing the spring-ring.

Similar numerals of reference designate corresponding parts in all the figures of the drawings.

For the purpose of illustrating the present invention I have shown in Fig. 1 an axle 1,

Serial No. 68,494. (No model.)

provided with the usual spindle extension 2, 3 designating the inner bearing-sleeve of the hub, the latter being shown at 4:-

In carrying out the present invention the outer end portion of the spindle is formed with an annular groove 5, which has the effect of providing oppositelylocated inner and outer shoulders 6 and 7, respectively, the shoulder 7 forming the inner face of a collar 8 at the extremity of the spindle.

The hub-attaching device or retainer com prises, essentially, a pair of semicylindrical segments 9 and 10, which meet on a line diametrical to the axial center of the spindle 2, the line of meeting being designated at 11. Furthermore, each of the segments is provided at its inner end with an enlarged semicircular flange 12, so that when the two segments are brought together a complete annular flange is formed atthe inner end of the retainer, which flange is adapted to bear against the outer end of the hub l, as shown in Fig. 1. The segments 9 and 10 are of a size adapting them to fit snugly between the shoulders 6 and 7 on the spindle, so as to pre- Vent movement of the retaining device longitudinally of the spindle.

In order to provide for holding the segments upon the spindle and in engagement with the groove 5, said segments are encircled by a spring-ring 13, which is somewhat elliptical in shape, as indicated in Fig. 2. The ring is connected to one of the segments, as 9, by passing the same through a keeperloop 14: on said segment. The other segment 10 is provided at a point diametrically opposite from the loop Ll with a groove or depression 15, forming a seat into which the springring is adapted to snap when forced over the segment 10, the engagement between the ring and segment 10 being indicated by the dotted line 16 in Fig. 2, such dotted line indicating the base of the groove or depression for the reception of the ring. The segments are further properly positioned and held with respect to each other by means of dowel-pins 17 on one of the segments, which enter corresponding sockets in the meeting face of the opposing segment. After placing the wheel upon the spindle the segments 9 and 10 are brought together at opposite sides of the spindie between the shouldersG and 7 until the dowel-pins 17 enter the sockets in the op posing segment. The spring-ring 13 is then sprung, so as to cause it to pass over the outer ends of both of the segments, and said ring is then forced onto the segment until it snaps into the depression 15, being held therein by reason of the resiliency of thering and the tendency for said ring to resume the elliptical form shown in Fig. 2. In order to remove the retaining device, it is only necessary to reverse the operation just described.

In order to facilitate the application and removal of the attaching device, I usually employ a Wrench or spanner 19, provided with oppositely-located arms 20 and 21, the arm 20 being straight or plain, While the other arm 21 is provided with a terminal inbent hook 22, which is adapted to engage either behind or in front of the spring-ring, While the end of the straight arm 20 bears against the outer surface of one of the segments and forms the fulcrum of the wrench or spanner.

From the foregoing description it will be seen that all screw-threads and nuts, as such, are dispensed with and the consequent liability of the nut to work loose. The attaching device herein described is simple in construction, cheap in manufacture, and forms a reliable fastening device for holding the wheel-hub in place. At the same time the retaining or attaching device may be displaced or attached for allowing the wheel to be removed whenever required.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. The combination with a grooved and shouldered spindle, of a hub-attaching device consisting of a pair of semieylindrical segments adapted to fit the grooved portion of the spindle, one of said segments being provided with a depression, and an elliptical spring-ring adapted to snap into said depression, said ring being loosely connected to the opposing segment.

2. The combination with a grooved and shouldered spindle, of a hub-attaching device comprising a pair of semicylindrical segments having a dowel-pin connection, one of said segments being provided with a depression, and a flattened or elliptical-shaped springring loosely connected to the other segment and adapted to snap into said depression.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.








~ October 20, 1901

Nathan S. Anderson's invention and patent mentioned in the newspaper.

From the newspaper, The Houston Post (Houston, Texas), 20 October 1901, Sunday:

Patents issued to Texans: Nathan S. Anderson, Kerens, hub attaching device; …


~ August 1909

N. S. Anderson was mentioned in the newspaper, but part of the paper was torn away.

From the newspaper, Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas), 27 August 1909, Friday:


N. S. Anderson o [paper torn away]
Anderson of Oklahom [paper torn away]

From the way the personal sections is written, my guess is that N.S. Anderson of ---?--- was visiting ---?--- Anderson of Oklahoma.

We know his son, Hilbart A. Anderson, was in Olustee, Oklahoma as will be shown below.


~ September and October 1909

There was a N. S. Anderson involved in a court case.  As mentioned in these two newspaper entries.


From the Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas), 8 September 1909:


District Court.

N. S. Anderson vs. S. D. Buchanan, partition, is the style of a suit filed in the district court today.


From the Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas), 14 October 1909:


District Court.

Suits have been disposed of as follows:

(among others)

N. S. Anderson vs. S. D. Buchanan, partition, judgment for plaintiff's interests.


~ 1910

Olustee, Oklahoma

In 1910, Nathan S. Anderson, age 56, was listed with his son Hilbert Anderson's family in Olustee, Oklahoma.

From the 1910 census of Olustee, Oklahoma:

No. of Dwelling 24, No. of Family 25

Name / Relationship / Sex / Race / Age / Marital Status / No. of years present marriage / Number of children born / Number of now living / Birthplace / Father's birthplace / Mother's birthplace / Speak English / Profession / Industry / Employment type / out of work / weeks out of work / can read / can write / Attended school


Anderson Hilbert E. / Head / M / W / 27 / M1 / 8 / -- / -- / Arkansas / Kentucky / Tennessee / yes / watch maker / --- / o. a. / no / no / yes / yes / attended school /

……………. Francis M / Wife / F / W / 24 / M1 / 8 / 3 / 3 / Kentucky / Kentucky / Kentucky / yes / ----- / ------ / --- /--- / --- / --- / --- / --- /

……………. Lora A. / Daughter / F / W / 7 / S / -- / -- / -- / Texas / Arkansas / Kentucky / yes / ------ / ------- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- /

……………. Robert E. / Son / M / W / 4 / S / -- / -- / -- / Texas / Arkansas / Kentucky / -- / -------- / -------- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- /

……………. Zelma W. / Daughter / F / W / 3 / S / -- / -- / -- / Texas / Arkansas / Illinois / -- /------- / -------- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- / --- /

…………… Mathew S. / Father / M / W / 56 / M1 / 30 / -- / -- / Kentucky / Illinois / Tennessee / yes / Retired / Farmer /--- / --- / --- /yes / yes / --- /

…………… Mathew S. / Brother / M / W / 17 / S / -- / -- / -- / Texas / Kentucky / Texas / yes / salesman / grocer / w / no / no / yes / yes / --- /


As you can see that the census enumerator got the names of the father and brother wrong, both should be Nathan S. not Mathew S.


~ December 5, 1915

Olustee, Oklahoma

In 1915 to 1916, there were some articles written to the Texas Corsicana newspaper, by a young lady who have just moved to Olustee, Jackson county, Oklahoma and she call herself "Texas Girl".

She is somehow connected to the Anderson family and knew them in Texas and now in Oklahoma.  The Langston family was one of the families that the Anderson married into in Texas.

Nathan S. Anderson was in Olustee, Oklahoma earlier.  He was there during the 1910 census when he was with his son Hilbart who then was living in Olustee.

Somewhere between 1910 and 1915, Nathan decided to make Olustee, Oklahoma his home.

From the newspaper, Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, Texas), 10 December 1915:

Olustee News.

Olustee, Okla., Dec. 5th, 1915.

"I am a new comer to Oklahoma and I just like it fine.  We sure have had some fine weather.

I wonder how old Texas is this morning.  I would like to spend the day today in Texas with my dear father and mother, and sisters and brothers

Well, Xmas is nearly here and I am wondering if Santa Claus will find me, as I am a stranger here.  I am afraid he won't.

I have been having lots of good things to eat.

Nathen, the little son of Mr. N. S. Anderson, went out bird hunting two days this week and got enough birds to divide with me, and my! how good they were!

And we have some of the best neighbors.  They killed hogs and sent us some spare ribs.  They sure were fine.

Well, I heard that little Bill Langston and little Minnie Calvin got married.  I wish them a long and happy life.  I have known the two little fellows a long time."


~ December 14, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Anderson were mentioned in the newspaper.

From the newspaper, Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light (Corsicana, Texas), 21 December 1915:

Olustee News.

Olustee, Okla., Dec. 14, 1915.

"My! My! how glad we are when we see some new comers in our church.  Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Anderson came into our church Sunday and I want them to come every Sunday and make themselves at home, for that is the way we want them to feel."

"Mrs. Tom Mass was the guest of Mrs. N. S. Anderson one afternoon last week."


~ 1916

From the newspaper, Corsicana Daily Sun (Corsicana, Texas), 1 February 1916:

Olustee, Oklahoma News.

"Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Anderson spent Sunday with their son, athan (sic) Anderson."


~ 1918

From the newspaper, The Eldorado Courier, Friday, 13 December 1918.

Eldorado, Jackson Co., Oklahoma
Friday, December 13, 1918

County News

The house of N. S. ANDERSON, a mile north of Prairie Hill school house, burned Sunday night, Dec. 3, it was unoccupied.


~ 1920

In 1920, N. S. Anderson and his second wife, Sarah, were living in Olustee, Jackson county, Oklahoma.  N. S. was a farmer.

From the 1920 census of Olustee:

Lines 81 to 83 -- Enumerated on the 3rd day of January, 1920

Name / Relation / Home Owned or Rented / Mortgaged or Free / Sex / Race / Age / Marital Status / Can Read / Can Write /Birthplace / Father's Birthplace / Mother's Birthplace / Speak English / Occupation

X / 30 / 30

Anderson, N. S. …. Head / O / F / M / W / 64 / M /…… / Yes / Yes / Kentucky / North Carolina / North Carolina / Yes / Farmer

------------ Sarah… Wife / - / - / F / W / 63 / M /…… / Yes / Yes / Kentucky / Virginia / North Carolina / Yes / None

------------ J. S. ….. Son / - / - / M / W / 28 / S /…… / Yes / Yes / Texas / Kentucky / Kentucky / Yes / None


~ 1921

There is a N. S. Anderson mentioned in a suit against Four Leaf Oil Company.  It was by an order of sale forcing the Oil company to sell property to pay N. S. Anderson $1048.00 in August 1921.  The oil land is in Wichita county, Texas.

Unless we can find the original court records, we can't be certain if this N. S. Anderson is ours.

However it is know that Nathan S. Anderson's son, Hilbart A. Anderson, was working as an oil worker in Burkburnett, Texas when his daughter was born in 1920 and that is in the same county of Wichita.  So that makes it likely that Nathan may have invested in the Oil company.

From the newspaper, Wichita Daily Times (Wichita Falls, Texas), 12 July 1921:


The State of Texas, county of Wichita.  By virtue of a certain order of sale issued out of the honorable 89th district court of Wichita county, on the 12th day of July, 1921, by A. F. Kerr, clerk of said court against Four Leaf Oil company for the sum of one thousand forty-eight ($1048.00) dollars and costs of suit in cause No. 10408-C in said court, styled N. S. Anderson versus Four Leaf Oil Company and placed in my hands for service, I, Fred K. Smith as sheriff of Wichita county, Texas,

did on the 12th day of July, 1921, levy on certain property situated in Wichita county, described as follows, to-wit: The oil and gas mining leasehold estate covering the following described lands in the said county, to-wit: The north 15 acres of the east 40 acres of the north 100 acres of the south 665 acres of the S. Denison survey No. 832 Abst. 63; said lease being subject to the original lease executed by Ed Foster et ux, lessor, to R. R. Sherwood, lessee, dated 3rd of May, 1919, and recorded in vol. 134, page 186, deed records of Wichita county, Texas, and to which reference is made.

Together with the oil wells thereon situated, and all personal property on said lease and appurtenant thereto and used in connection therewith, including one standard rig, boiler, pumps, casing, derrick, pipe, etc., and levied upon as the property of said Four Leaf Oil company, and on Tuesday the 2nd day of August, 1921, at the court house door of Wichita county, in the city of Wichita Falls, Texas, between the hours of ten a. m. and four p. m. I will sell said property at public vendue for cash to the highest bidder as the property of said Four Leaf Oil company, by virtue of said levy and said order of sale.

And in compliance with law I give this notice by publication in the English language, once a week for three consecutive weeks immediately preceding said day o[f] sale in the Wichita Daily Times, a newspaper published in Wichita county.

Witness my hand this the 12th day of July, 1921. -- Fred K. Smith, sheriff Wichita county, Texas.  H. C. Dakan, deputy.



~ 1928

Nathan S. Anderson died in August 1928 while driving a car and was buried 22 August 1928 in the cemetery at Olustee, Oklahoma.  The Olustee Masonic lodge took charge of the services.

From the newspaper, The Anadarko Tribune, Thursday, 30 August 1928:


N.S. ANDERSON, of Olustee, Okla., while enroute home from visiting his daughter at Twins Falls, Idaho, died suddenly while on his way home, near Texico, N.M. He was sitting in his car conversing with members of the party when he dropped dead. He had been bothered with heart trouble.

Interment was in the Olustee cemetery August 22 at 3:30 p.m. The Olustee Masonic lodge had charge of the services. He is survived by his wife and seven children as follows: Gilbert Anderson, Pinehurst, Oregon; L.K Anderson, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Maud Gooding, Twin Falls, Idaho; W.S. Anderson, Olustee; H.W. Anderson, Anadarko, Route l; N.S. Anderson jr., Trinidad, Texas; Mrs. Mollie Peters, Trinidad, Texas.




Children of Nathan S. and Mary E. E. (Alexander) Anderson























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