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Harold Burnett   (1898 - 1980)


~ 1898

14.          HAROLD BURNETT  was born 25 September 1898 in Feock, Cornwall.

Father:     unknown

Mother:     Mary Ellen Burnett  (No. 10)


From the copy of the birth certificate:

Registration District - Truro
1898 Birth in the Sub-district of Kea in the County of Cornwall

No. 296

When and where born / Name / Sex / Name of father / Name of mother / Occupation of father / informant / When registered / Registrar

Twenty-fifth September 1898 Old School House Feock R.D. / Harold / Boy / (-- blank --) / Mary Ellen Burnett (domestic servant) / (-- blank --) / M. E. Burnett Mother Old School House Feock / Fourth November 1898 / Nicholas Paull Registrar


The name of the father and his occupation was left blank in the birth certificate.  Harold was born out of wedlock under mysterious circumstances.

Harold Burnett was raised by his grandparents, John Thomas and Mary Ellen Burnett since he was a very young child.


~ 1901

Harold Burnett, age 2, was living with his grandparents, John T. and Mary E. Burnett, at Greenbottom in Kenwyn parish, Cornwall (see above at the grandparents to see the census details).

His grandfather was a carpenter and farmer.


~ 1911

Harold Burnett, age 12 and going to school, was living with his grandparents, John Thomas and Mary Ellen Burnett, at Greenbottom Scorrier, Cornwall (see above at the grandparents to see the census details).

His grandfather was a carpenter & joiner.


~ 1930

Harold Burnett married HILDA NORTHEY on 21 June 1930 in the Weslayan chapel in the district of Truro, Cornwall.


From the copy of the marriage certificate:

1930.  Marriage solemnized at St. Mary's Wesleyan Chapel in the District of Truro in the County of Cornwall.

No. 86

When Married.  Twenty first June 1930

Name and Surname. / Age. / Condition. / Rank or Profession. / Residence at the time of Marriage. / Father's Name and Surname. / Rank or Profession of Father.

Harold Burnett / 31 years / Bachelor / General Labourer / Greenbottom, Kenwyn / -- (blank) -- / -- (blank) --

Hilda Northey / 31 years / Spinster / -- (blank) -- / Penstraze, Kea / Richard Northey / General Labourer

Married in the above Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Wesleyan Methodists by Certificate

This Marriage was solemnized between us,

          Harold Burnett     Hilda Northey

in the Presence of us,

          Reginald Williams     Ida May Williams

And in the Presence of E. [J.?] Bennett Richards  Authorised Person for the said Chapel


From the death certificate index, Hilda Northey was born 18 December 1898.


Just like the birth certificate, in Harold Burnett's marriage certificate, the spaces for the father's name and father's occupation was left blank.  That would probably mean that he didn't know who was his father.


~ 1980

Harold Burnett died at the age of 81 years on 16 April 1980 at the hospital in Helston, Cornwall.

His actual residence was in Greenbottom, Cornwall.  He was a retired Council Roadman.

From the copy of the death certificate:

Entry No. 64

Registration district -- Kerrier
Sub-district -- Helston
Administrative area -- County of Cornwall

Date and place of death -- Sixteenth April 1980 Meneaye Hospital, Helston

Name and Surname -- Harold Burnett

Sex -- Male

Date and place of birth -- 25th September 1898.  Feock Cornwall

Occupation and usual address -- Council Roadman Retired  Greenbottom, Chacewater, Truro, Cornwall

Name and Surname of informant -- [ - Living - so first and middle names removed - ] Northey

Qualification -- Nephew

Usual address (of informant) -- 1 Kerling Cottage Chacewater Hill, Truro, Cornwall

Signature of informant -- R. L. Northey

Date of Registration -- Eighteenth April 1980


~ 1991

Hilda Burnett died at the age of 92 in January 1991 in the Camborne-redruth registration district of Cornwall.

From the England & Wales, Death Index:

Name: ………………………. Hilda Burnett
Birth Date: ……………….. 18 Dec 1898
Date: ………………………… Jan 1991
Age at Death: …………….. 92
Registration District: …. Camborne-redruth
County: ……………………. Cornwall
Vol: ………………………….. 21
Page: ………………………… 67


It is not clear at the moment if Harold and Hilda Burnett were living as a married couple the whole time or if they were separated at some point.

It appears that they did not have children.




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