Saveock Water, Kenwyn Parish, Cornwall research project

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1783 Map of Cornwall from originally from



Saveock Water in Kenwyn Parish, Cornwall

Mostly known as "Seveock Water" in the 19th century records


Sarah Star has been following the Saveock Water Archeological Site progress and she is interested in the witchcraft evidences that is being found at the site.

She mentioned to me if I would be interested in checking out about the people that actually lived in Saveock Water in the past.

Some of the following reports are still in progress as I'm still waiting for more documents to arrive.



Seveock Water, Cornwall in 1841

List of inhabitants of Seveock Water from the 1841 census


Seveock Water, Cornwall in 1851

List of inhabitants of Seveock Water from the 1851 census


Seveock Mill






The Burnett family

This is a research into the linage of Burnett family that was living in the Seveock Water area in Kenwyn Parish of Cornwall at the end of the 19th century through the first half of the 20th century.

This tracks the family's movement from St. Just in Roseland, Cornwall in the 18th century to Seveock Water in the late 19th century and 20th century.


1st. Generation:

John Burnett  (1778-1854)


2nd Generation:

Richard Burnett  (1820-?)


3rd Generation

John Thomas Burnett (1860-1935) - the first in the family to move to Seveock Water


4th Generation:

Mary Ellen Burnett (1879 - ?) 

Elizabeth Ann Burnett (1880 - ?) 

Jessie Emily Burnett   (1888 - ? )


5th Generation:

Harold Burnett  (1898-1980)

May Burnett  (1901-?)



The Northey family

     (to be added soon)



Researched and Compiled by William Wallworth




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