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Mary Page ( ca.1804/1806 -  ?   )


6.          MARY PAGE (of Samuel1 )  was born in 1804 or 1806 in Stow Bardolph, Norfolk, England.  Her baptism was not found in the Archdeacon transcripts of Stow Bardolph.  (I do notice that the transcripts for the years 1804 and 1805 are missing in the microfilm).


Father:     Samuel Page   (No.1)

Mother:     Mary


Mary was born in Stow Bardolph and moved with the family to Wimbotsham, Norfolk in between 1811 and 1815.

Mary Page married  ROBERT JARROD by 1820.  Robert was born ca. 1799 in East Winch, Norfolk.

Robert and Mary Jarrod lived in Wimbotsham until around 1838.  At that time, they were then living in Castle Acre, Norfolk. 

From the 1841 census of Castle Acre, we find the following:

Robt Jarrod   40  M   Shepperd   Y
Mary   do      30  F                    Y
John   do      10  M                    Y
William  do     7  M                    Y
Robert   do     3  M                    Y
Samuel do     1  M                     Y


Their daughter Sarah Jarrod was living or visiting at Samuel Page's home in Wimbotsham.

From the 1841 census of Wimbotsham, we find the following:

Saml Page              65  M     Farming     Y
Mary   Do                50   F                      N
Mary   Do                24   F                      Y
Sarah Jarrod              8   F                      Y
Thomas Wilson        18  M     M. S.        Y
Snasdell Syddell      18  M     M. S.        Y


In between 1843 and 1845, Robert and Mary Jarrod moved the family back to Wimbotsham.

From the 1851 census of Wimbotsham, we find the following:

Robert Jarrod     Head        Md  52 M   Farmer 70 Acres
                                                             employing 2 labourers    Norfolk East Winch
Mary Jarrod       Wife         Md  47 F     " Wife                                     "       Stow
John Jarrod       Son             U  20 M    " Son                                      "       Wimbotsham
Sarah Jarrod     Daughter      U  19 F     " Daughter                               "             "
William Jarrod   Son             U  17 M    " Son                                      "              "
Samuel Jarrod   Son             U  13 M    " Son                                      "      
Castle acre
Mary Jarrod       Daughter            6 F    Scholar                                   "       Wimbotsham
Robert Jarrod    Son                   8 M    Scholar                                   "       Castle acre
James Jarrod    Son                   4 M    Scholar                                   "       Wimbotsham
Henry Jarrod     Son                   2 M                                                   "            "


Somewhere between 1851 and 1861, Robert and Mary Jarrod moved to Foulden, Norfolk.

From the 1861 census of Foulden, Norfolk, we find the following:

Robert Jarrod  Head   Mar  61  M    Farmer of 70 Acres - 2 men      Norfolk    East Winch
Mary    do      Wife    Mar   55  F    Farmer's Wife                                 do     Stow Bardolph
Mary    do      Daur    Un    16  F       Do  Daur                                      do      Wimbotsham
James  do      Son             15  M       Do  Son                                       do           do
Henry   do      Son             13  M       Do  Son                                       do           do





11.          JOHN JARROD    born 1831 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.

12.          SARAH JARROD   born 1832 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.

13.          WILLIAM JARROD   born 1834 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.

14.          ROBERT JARROD   born ca. 1837, died young, by 1843.

15.          SAMUEL JARROD   born 1838 in Castle Acre, Norfolk.

16.         ROBERT JARROD   born 1843 in Castle Acre, Norfolk.

17.          MARY JARROD   born 1845 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.

18.         JAMES JARROD   born 1847 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.

19.          HENRY JARROD   born 1849 in Wimbotsham, Norfolk.




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