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Here on this page is the links to the individual Page family members.   Also once you go to a certain page, you can click on the links on that page to see the pages on the parents or of the individual children (if that child got married and have a family).

This Page family lived in Norfolk, England from before the late 1700's.  From 1770's or earlier the Page family was living in Stow Bardolph and around 1811 to 1815 moved to Wimbotsham.

This is an ongoing research in finding out the ancestry of Samuel Page and of his two wives.

The family later moved to Australia and the United States.


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Samuel Page  ( 1769 - 1844 )


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Elizabeth        ( 1811 - ? )           -- of the 2nd Generation, wife of James Butterick

Mary                ( 1804/06 - ? )     -- of the 2nd Generation, wife of Robert Jarrod

Samuel            ( 1769  - 1844 )    -- of the 1st Generation

Susannah       ( 1819 - 1891 )     -- of the 2nd Generation, wife of Jasper West


Other researches:  the following are included because these information may help in finding more about the ancestry of Samuel Page's second wife Mary ---?--- .

Mary Ann Scott    ( 1818    -       )
the Wife of Samuel Page Jr. and then Henry R. Brailsford and Niece of widow Mary Page

Hannah Parfrey   ( 1803   -       )
the Wife of William Goold and Sister of widow Mary Page



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