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Thomas Wallworth ( 1756 - 1811 )



36.          THOMAS WALLWORTH (of Thomas6 , of Thomas5 , of John4 , of Thomas3 , of Thomas2 , of Thomas1 ) was born in Cuddington, Weaverham Parish, Cheshire, England and was christened January 5, 1756 at Weaverham church.


Father:    Thomas Wallworth (No.26)

Mother:    Esther Pickering


Thomas Wallworth married ESTHER PICKERING on January 26, 1777 at Weaverham Church.  Esther was born around 1754.  They were married by Licence.

Thomas was a miller.

Thomas Wallworth died in Cuddington of consuption at the age of 54 and was buried on February 24, 1811 at Weaverham Church.

Esther Wallworth died in Norley, Frodsham Parish, Cheshire at the age of 71 years.   She was buried May 22, 1825 at Weaverham Church.




57.          WILLIAM PICKERING WALLWORTH  was born ca. 1779-1780 according to the age on the death certificate (death in January at age 65).

In the 1841 Census of Cuddington, Weaverham parish, we find William Wallworth with John Cartwright’s family:

John Cartwright        50 M     Miller          Yes
   do             50 F                          Y
     do             14 F                          Y
   do             12 F                          Y
    do               8 F                          Y
William Wallworth
   60 M      Ind               Y
George Bostock
     20 M      M. S.            Y
Peter Clark
            20 M      M. S             Y
Thomas Pickering
  13 M      M S              Y
Sarah Spruce
        15 F       F. S              Y
Eliza Lewis
            45 F                           Y
William Wallace
     50 M      Book Seller           S
George do
             35 M      Farmer                  S


William died in Cuddington on January 13, 1845 and is buried at Weaverham church.

According to the death certificate, William Pickering Wallworth, died the Thirteenth of January 1845 at Cuddington, age 65 years. gentleman, and the cause of death was Apoplexy.

At the cemetery in Weaverham St. Mary the Virgin church, is a large stone, that has the following family members inscribed on it, the first person mentioned is William P. Wallworth:


William Pickering Wallworth,
of Cuddington, who died Jany. 13th.
1845, aged 61 Years.
Also Esther, Wife
of John Cartwright,
of Cuddington, who died
March 11th 1845,
aged 58 Years.
Also Harriet, their Daughter
who died November 28th. 1846,
aged 18 Years.
Also Mary, their Daughter Wife of
James Gregory, who died
Septr. 14th. 1851, aged 25 Years.
Also Emily Gregory, their Daughter
who died August 24th. 1851,
aged 1 Year and 9 Months.
Also Nancy, Wife of the late John
Wallworth, of Cuddington, who died
July 19th. 1859, aged 73 Years.
Also John Cartwright, of Cuddington
who died May 5th. 1871,
aged 81 Years.



Information from a photograph from Norma Wallworth of Stockport, England who visited the cemetery in Weaverham.  Norma also found an older stone with part of the above information on it and it was laid flat as part of the porch area of the church and there was a foot scraper next to it.  She says that a larger stone was made to add the information on Nancy Wallworth and John Cartwright when they died.

William P. Wallworth died Intestate.  The following was from the Admon. Document:

"... John Wallworth of Cuddington ... Yeoman, Thomas Sandbatch of Marton in the Parish of Whitegate .... Laborer, George Chambers Wallace of Cuddington .... Laborer ... twenty sixth Day of February (1845)"

"John Wallworth the natural and lawful Brother and Administrator of ..... William Pickering Wallworth late of Cuddington .... Yeoman a Bachelor deceased without Parent or Grandparent living at the time of his death .... "

"the Personal Estate and Effects of the Intestate within the Diocese of Chester were under the value of one hundred Pounds"

"The intestate died the 13th day of January 1845" "Admon issued Dated 1st March 1845".


58.  +        JOHN WALLWORTH  was born May 22, 1784 in Cuddington and was christened on July 25, 1784 at Weaverham church.  John Wallworth married Nancy Cartwright.

59.  +        ESTHER WALLWORTH  was born January 28, 1787 in Cuddington and was christened March 11, 1787 at Weaverham church.   Esther Wallworth married John Cartwright.

60.  +        ELIZA WALLWORTH was born July 14, 1792 in Cuddington and was christened August 19, 1792 at Weaverham church.   Eliza Wallworth married John Lewis.




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